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This is my first concrete post and we will start with a big part how to connect flash with 3dsMax using simple action script.


I’ve started this integration based on Jo Plaete search in connection between Softimage XSI and Adobe Flash. I have done different interface in autodesk Softimage that i will show you later.

As a global TD at Blue Spirit Studio i was looking to make Animations UI for different series. The first One was for Kaeloo (series by Cube Creative and Blue Spirit Studio concept and direction by Rémi Chapotot). For this series we (Sebastien Albert and Me) made an interface in maxscript of which we were not completely satisfied by this one, we tried many techniques like DotNet, object based setup like joystick directly in scene. After all test it was clear flash UI was the good technology and during this search process i was looking at home how connect flash and 3dsMax and make it communicate in both direction and found solutions that i bring at Blue Spirit Studio. This technology is actually used on one series named « Les Petites Poules » adapted from the comics of Christian Jolibois, Christian Heinrich / Marine Locatelli, Patrick Régnard produced by Blue Spirit Studio directed by Jean-Luc François and will be used on coming series and movies with any improvements.

I will explain this concept by many steps and this post is the first one:

-Why an home made Animation UI?!

-All the characters in the company i’m working in are made around biped. If  you work with biped you have to use the motion tools for biped but this UI is very slow and poor that why using an different UI can be a big Plus.

– It’s a good tool for long production laps, like series where animators have to makes Seconds and seconds animation by day.

-Why using a flash UI in 3dsMax?!

-Easy UI creation: You can easily create your own look, design using vectorial components.

-Large community for Flash and ActionScript.

-Fast and powerful Language as ActionScript 3.0 that is an object oriented programming language allowing for more control and code re-usability when building complex Flash applications.

– Easy animated UI.

-Easy way to access to web’s 2.0 concept and most interesting access to Enteprise 2.0 (concept explain here). This concept is my goal because i really think CG company s are good places to apply this concept.

-Small flash tools can be integrate in a maxscript UI like DotNet tools.

-When working with flash and 3dsMax can be a problem:

-Actually there’s no flash player supporting 64bit that can be a problem in any cases.

-If you have text inside swf and have to edit it by default it’s impossible because 3dsMax accelerators are on and block other interactions i made a workaround for that too.

-I do not found how to pass directly more than one variable from 3dsMax to Flash and from Flash to 3dsMax but i found an workaround that i will explain later.

-It’s complicated to work on two software in same times but if you used to work with classes it can be easier using simple code editor like notepad ++ with class you can debug and change code in you UI directly in you code editor.