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Those tools are ready to use but not yet implemented. They are completly working but we are waiting to implement them in good condition maybe on coming productions.

All those tools are based on action script class file (.as) that mean they are using same code it’s faster and can help you to make improvement on all tools in same time.


This slider is fully working with morphers (or anything else need to use slider) you have spinner and slider integrate in same tool, the percent number is can be modified by user directly with keyboard. This slider is based on specific class that mean all slider you can create are running from same peace of code it’s really faster than usual sliders in 3dsMax.

Flash based Slider

Flash based Slider

Blend Shape tool:

This tools is completely awesome and faster than everything i created before. If you are looking in dotnet tool you can quickly see many problems while using them, slower performances, graphical issue with with the cursor.

Flash based square blend shape

Flash based square blend shape.



  1. I hope I can contact you through this. I am personally very interested in the same thing: using Flash as a GUI for max and communicate back and forth between MXS and AS3.

    This blog has been mentioned on CGtalk in the maxscript section:

    I was hoping that you found a solotion that used dotNet instead of a activeX object for embedding and communicating with the SWF in maxscript.
    The reason for this is that with 64 bit windows versions (win xp64, Vista 64 bit, win 7 64 bit) all or most activeX control are not any more supported with windows, and that means that you can’t use the activeX method with any 3dsmax 64 bit version.

    Like I said I was researching something similar and I got it also somewhat working with dotNet (using the IE to embed a website that contains a html with JS and a SWF in a rollout in maxscript). It is very tricky and there seems to be some kind of dotNet control for SWF as well but I have no expierence or enough insight with dotNet to get to know the stuff I need for this.

    You can read my research at polycount:
    Maybe there is some usefull information for you in there.


  2. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I too have thought about employing flash for UIs, and hope to do some experiments in the near future.
    Until then I will be keeping a close eye on this blog:-)

    • Thanks for you comment. I’m happy to have someone following my blog.

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