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Here is a sample of what i made with this UI system.

This UI can automatically detect characters in scene without any datas saved. They are detecting the character’s .bip.

All those settings and parameters are working around 3dsmax’s biped.

All common tools need to work quickly in expert mode (full screen viewport)
You can find TCB tool with XML presets local for each users.
Biped’s copy past tool. Specific scale tool.
Hand position preset with copy past include.
All layers and Named selection set of the current character.
Quick smooth enable disable for the current character, hide unhide bones, hide unhide facial, freeze unfreeze modeling, hide unhide modeling.
The most visible is the synoptic to chose quickly your bones without them visible, this synoptic include shift+click to add more bones, right click to select symmetrical / opposite / select all spine, double click to select all childrens.

the first UI's tab (the common one)

The first UI's tab (the common one)

The most interesting part is the facials preset’s tab based on database with xml saved for every characters, with thumbnail pictures in two sized. When clicking on the thumbnails the expression is apply on the characters with all settings include: morphers, eye’s target positions, pupil’s scale value and more…

Facial presets UI's tab

Facial presets UI's tab

All those screen print are taken from my incoming Demo Reel.


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